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3rd Pinyahan Festival – A Synopsis…

Pinyahan Fest Street Dancing

I enjoyed the 3rd Pinyahan Festival so much I realized, i haven’t blogged about it! For my new readers, the Pinyahan Festival is Barangay Cannery, Polomolok’s festival of sorts, a brainchild of Bgy. Capt. Mariano Superioridad. It has been 3 years in the running and I’m happy to note that every year, it never fails to haul in crowds of spectators both from near and far. This year’s organizing/technical working committee headed by Mr. Benjor Dapanas, with Mr. Monsit Jovenes, Ms. Cherry Alday and Ms. Luz Superioridad along with Festival Director Eunice Canda all did a wonderful job! Kudos to you sirs and madams for doing a spectacular job for this year’s festival. So let me recap some of my favorite events in the festival for you…
Lumba Kalabaw.  It was a hilarious carabao race which was participated by hardworking carabaos from near and far. Some had to hike a day before the race so their carabaos are in tip-top shape for the race, I even heard about some who had to train their carabaos two months in advance just for the race. For more on this, click here.
Body Fest. First time pageantry featuring well buffed men and women who showcased their fit and sexy bodies. This event merited a lot of hoots and catcalls from both male and female audience. And of all the events, I saw a lot of pictures from this event from the contingents of the Gensan Camera Club photo hobbyists..for sure a lot will look forward to next year’s Body Fest since this year’s event was definitely a major success.

Pinyahan Festival Queen 2010. It was a parade of beauties as finalists for this year’s Pinyahan Festival Queen pageant strutted their stuff in the coronation night. It exuded class and artistry that impressed most visitors from other cities as the organizers made the pageant exude elegance. I even heard that Mr. John Castino a notable instructor at the Notre Dame – Sienna College Polomolok gave the ladies a “Personality Development Seminar” before the parang Ms. Universe?? hehe. For more on this click here

Street-dancing and Showdown Competiton. To give a Mardi Gras atmosphere, the organizers had a common song playing in the background so all the participants had to dance to same beat. They had a Pinyahan Festival theme song made for this event. It made a lot of sense since everybody was dancing to the same tune, it was not confusing for the spectators compared to different drum beats which is quite the norm you see in other street dancing competitions. One thing I missed this year is the green body paint which was supposedly used on the participants like previous years..oh well.. maybe the green body paint will have to make an appearance next year. But then, it still proved to be loads of fun.

In all, the festival was a success, makes me proud to be here and experiencing this first hand. Will definitely look forward to next year’s festival and invite more people to witness. Thank you to all the people who came and experience this event with us. Your presence surely made it tons more fun! Hats off to the organizers! 
Enjoy the pictures of Mr. OSG below..

Pinyahan Fest Street Dancing
Streetdancing participants in their Dole field worker attire 🙂

Pinyahan Fest Street Dancing
Dance to the beat!

Pinyahan Fest Street Dancing
Who says that the young ones cant strut their moves on the streets?

Pinyahan Fest Street Dancing
Pinyahan Fest Showdown

Pinyahan Best Bodies
Best Body Fest Winners

Pinyahan Festival Queen No11
This year’s Pinyahan Festival Queen in her pineapple inspired costume

Pinyahan Festival Queen No5
Pinyahan Festival their costumes!

Pinyahan Festival 2010
The Lumba Kalabaw race is on!